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Ten Day Challenge: Day One

Posted in Uncategorized by Daila Holder on July 30, 2012


10 Things I Want to Say to 10 Different People Right Now

I’m going to try out a 10 day challenge to jumpstart my blog writing again, and the topic for day one is listed above.  I’m already stumped.  I think the main reason I’m having trouble with this topic is because saying what I need to say to someone has never been a problem for me.  I think a better topic for me might be “Ten Things You Wish You Hadn’t Said to Ten Different People”. Of course, if I go changing each topic to fit my needs, it wouldn’t really be a challenge, right?

I made my list by deciding to pick people who may actually get to read what I wrote, because I don’t always say what I need to say to them in 140 character bursts.  I also picked a couple of people who will never read this blog post, but what I want to say to them needs to get out somehow, even if the person it is intended for never gets to read it.



I picked you first, because thoughts of you have consumed me over the last 18 months.  I don’t know why I’ve picked you to focus on out of the bunch, but I think it’s because I see myself in you.  I know you feel remorse.  I believe you, but I don’t trust you.  I wish you’d disappear, but I know that even if you did, my thoughts of you will still remain.  The problem I have isn’t with you Amy.  It never was.  It was always with me.

Even though the problem is with me, it would still be okay if you disappeared.





You’re talented, beautiful, intelligent and above all so very interesting!  We may not talk often, but if I were to plan my perfect day in Second Life, spending time with you would be at the top of that list.  You know who you are and aren’t afraid to show your style even if it’s not the traditional look that everyone else in Second Life seems to favor.  In a world where everyone seems to want to grab the same hair, shirt and shoes, you put together looks that are so varied, but each one screams Nuuna!  Plus, come on, your boobs are the best!

Love, kisses and motorboats,




Thanks for putting in that 80% and not hating me for it.  Sometimes your “Hi” comes at just the right moment.   It’s so refreshing to have someone to talk to that makes things easy.  There’s no drama, no worry that my secrets will be spread to other people.  The advice you give is always spot on, and it makes me smile to know that somewhere in Canada, someone occasionally thinks of me, even if it may only be because you don’t have electricity to distract you. Whatever the reason, you are appreciated, and I promise I’ll never let Joel set you on fire!


Daila aka The Person That Would Park on the Street to Visit You, even if people thought she was a hooker



It has taken me a long time to stop trying to figure you out and just appreciate your ways.  You know who you are and exactly what you want, and I’m envious!  I think I’ve finally stopped wanting to do you and just want to be you.  That’s a step up for me!  You might make me a better person by challenging my view of the world and what makes people content or some shit like that.  Okay, that’s probably going too far.  How about instead, I’ll just say, “You make me want to spend more time on my hair, if only because I’m jealous of yours”.

Forever bored,



Bone & Sehra,

I’m cheating and combining you both into one, but that’s just because when I think of one of you; I think of both of you.  It’s very much a compliment.  You fit together, and your success at transitioning your relationship to real life is an inspiration to so many people who are considering it.  Of course that transition worked because you did everything right!  Even though we don’t get to spend as much time together as I’d like, I try to follow your plurks and just want to say, I’m proud of you both!

Keep keeping on!





You are a good person.  I did you wrong.  You’re one of my regrets.  Not because our relationship would have worked, but because when I knew it wasn’t working, I should have been mature enough to tell you.  Instead I bolted as usual, but I had more reason to bolt than you knew.  I wish I had told you everything, but if I did, you’d hate me.  I sort of hate myself for that year too.

I’m glad you’re happy now.  Your family is beautiful.  I look at your children, and I wonder.





Hey!  I miss you too!  You are my oldest and best SL friend.  I will make time to spend with you, but I need to know you even still want me to make the time.

IM me maybe?





I’m curious about you!  What are you up to?  What’s going on?  I hope life is fantastic and you’re so happy.  That’s what I want for you!

I’d love to catch up.





You make me laugh quite often.  One day I will reward you with massive amounts of cookies delivered straight to your door, but until then all I can offer up as repayment are jokes at Ansel’s expense.

Your “Friend”,

Daila Holder


All the rest of you,

I enjoy being a tiny part of your life.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for reading my plurks.  Thank you for letting me respond in your plurks.  We may only share a small connection, but those connections keep me coming back almost every day.

Yours Forever,

Daila Freaking Holder



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