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Ten Day Challenge: Day Two

Posted in Uncategorized by Daila Holder on July 31, 2012

Nine Things About Yourself

 The challenge in today’s topic isn’t telling you nine things about me.  That’s easy.  The challenging part is coming up with nine unique facts that you may not already know.

For most of you, I’ve been spewing facts, thoughts and issues at you since 2009, some of you have even been with me for longer than that.  With the level of questions I’ve been asked in Plurk or blog posts I’ve wrote here, I’m not sure there are any surprises left.

So, listed below are nine things about me that you may know already, but pretend to be surprised anyway.


1.  I don’t drink coffee, but I do eat liver.  What does liver have to do with coffee?  Nothing.


2.  I started my first real paying job at 12 years old working at the local library.  Nothing will make you lose faith in the human race more than working at a public library.  I stuck with it for over 3 years working about 25 hours a week.  That should tell you how much I love books.  There were some bright moments, and I do feel like I was able to inspire readers with some great book recommendations, but in the future I prefer to keep my passion for reading separate from the unwashed masses.


3.  If we’re going out drinking and you have hopes to get me drunk, you better bring a lot of money and be patient, after years of drinking games with soldiers, my alcohol tolerance is quite high.  I can still get quite buzzed though, for example, Saturday night, it took about 8 shots and 8 drinks to reach a nice relaxed buzz.  Drunk would take probably double that.  My poor liver!  Honestly, having a high alcohol tolerance is not something I’m proud of, I wish I was the two drink lightweight, but it is sort of a fun parlor trick I’ve used to drink a few of Joel’s friends under the table.


4.  Oh here’s a big surprise fact:  I love talking to strangers!  Okay, that’s not much of a surprise at all for all you strangers I’ve reached out and talked to at some point or another.  My best friend in high school was always frustrated when we’d go out to the movies and I’d end up meeting and talking to other people.  Our one on one time would turn into a meet new people group date.  I’ve just never had a problem striking up a conversation, and the best part about talking with strangers is you can meet them, get to know them, have a great time and then you never have to worry about that whole maintenance part of the friendship.  I’m not so good on the follow-up.



5.  My father and his friends call me the “World Traveler”, though I’ve never been out of North America.  Most of the traveling I did was solo, unplanned traveling between the ages of 16 to 20.  I actually ran away from home three times on whims.  I guess the worst one that freaked my parents out was when I snuck out in the middle of the night, drove about 1500 miles and stayed gone about a month.  I was 18 at the time, so perhaps it was less running away and more just stretching my legs.  I know I put a little bit of gray in my dad’s hair and a few wrinkles on my mom’s face, but other than my desire to leave them forever, I was a pretty darn good kid.


6.  Until the age of 12, I had never worn pants, earrings or make-up, cut my hair or watched TV.  I went to church from about the age of 5 to 12, and even though we followed all the rules, I wouldn’t necessarily call us devout.  My parents are Christian, but I never felt strangled by their religious views.  Church was actually fun to me at that age.  Once we stopped going to church at age 12, I never really started back.  I wear make-up now.  I keep my hair between chin and shoulder length.  I watch about 3 hours of television a week, usually by streaming it online.  My time spent in the clutches of organized religion only means that when Joel references a show that was on television when we were younger, I most likely have never seen it.


7.  I’m not artistic.  I can’t draw.  My handwriting is atrocious.  I guess that’s all I have to say about that.


8.  I like to make music playlists, though I’m not very creative when I name them.  I have a playlist for cleaning entitled Cleaning.  I have a playlist for cleaning around the holidays entitled CleaningHoliday.  I have a playlist for eating crawfish entitled Crawfish Night.  There’s a Fun playlist, a Girls playlist, an Indie playlist, a playlist for when I’m getting dressed to go out entitled Out, one for shower time called you guessed it Shower, and of course the old standby sex playlist named Sex.  There’s actually a Sex and a BusinessTime playlist, depending on my mood.


9.  I like lists and spreadsheets.  Obviously, as you can tell by this one.


Hopefully you learned something new about me, and if you didn’t learn anything new, all I can say is geez, stop stalking me already.   Some girls do like their privacy, well okay that’s something else about me, a bonus for people that read down this far, I’m not really that much of a private person.







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