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Ten Day Challenge: Day Three

Posted in Uncategorized by Daila Holder on August 1, 2012

Eight Ways to Win Your Heart

 “The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.” – Jacques Benigne Bossuel


Today’s challenge is all about matters of the heart, my heart to be exact.  I’ll list eight things below, each one will be truthful, but even though love can have its simple moments, there is no list you can follow to win someone’s heart.

Obviously, my heart has already been won, and the winning of it was almost like one of those impossible fairground games.  Sure it looks easy to throw a dart and hit a balloon to win the prize, but what you don’t always realize is that the darts are usually old and dull, and the balloons are not fully inflated, making them harder to pop, so are the ways of love.  We are all working with old dull darts trying to pop balloons that aren’t fully inflated; it’s amazing that we ever find love.  So if you’re insistent that it is my heart you want, remember it will take patience and above all skill to win it, and the tips listed below won’t hurt in the pursuit.  Once you win it though, you’re going to have to carry it around with you the rest of your life, even though it may be bulky and heavy and you may be tempted to sit it down on a bench as you go ride the tilt-a-whirl, but if you do leave it behind on a dusty, dirty bench, don’t be surprised that when you’re done with your ride, my heart may be gone, picked up by someone else.  So with all that in mind:


Step right up and win my heart!


1.         Shared Connections:

Some people may refer to this as a spark or a certain je ne sais quoi, but I refer to it as shared connections.  Do we have something in common?  Do we relate to situations in a similar manner or have shared goals?  Are we at the same place in life?  Do we enjoy spending time doing similar activities?  Can we relate in some way on a personal level that arouses an emotional and sexual response?


2.         Spontaneity: 

Are you uninhibited and candid?  Will my unconstrained actions or desire to do things on whim annoy you?  Tomorrow I may wake up and want to drive 5 hours to the beach, are you down with it?  There is a fine line here between being fun and spontaneous and maniac and uncontrolled.  I prefer the former obviously.  Life can be mundane and stagnant; we owe it to ourselves to try to inject some unexpected whimsy.  Being able to act without restraint and without worry of how you will be perceived by others is important to me.  I refuse to live my life fitting into what it is expected, and if you want to win my heart, you must feel the same.


3.         Compromise:

I like my way.  Doesn’t everyone feel the same?   Even though I want to win at all things, I do exert effort at attempting to reach workable compromises in my relationship.  How you handle me when I’m obviously trying to use whatever tools at my disposal to get my way and gain the advantage in most situations will determine how fond I grow of you.  If I always get my way, I grow bored quickly.  Challenge and compromise will earn my respect and my heart will follow.


4.         Great cook

I’m not the best cook.  It’s not that I can’t do it.  I’m just not creative enough to create a culinary masterpiece.  I don’t have the vision.  I can make anything by strictly following directions and not straying from them, but when it comes down to does this look right, is it done, etc., I need lots of help.  Unfortunately, great meals are important to me, and since I can’t always create my own, I admire those that posses skills that I do not have.  I admire artists and chefs, which is probably why I married one.  If you can make me a simple, tasty meal with flair, my heart would beat faster in your favor.


5.         Lazy days

Some of my favorite days with Joel are obviously the ones when we never left the bed.  If the idea of staying naked in bed all day not just having sex, but watching movies, joking, wrestling, stealing covers makes your skin crawl or back ache, it wouldn’t work between us.  I know most people would say, how can someone not enjoy this, but some people can’t stand a mess of any sort even just for one day.  They feel the urge to jump up, straighten covers, do dishes, etc. and can’t relax and enjoy themselves if something is out of place.  I would find those habits annoying if you couldn’t set it aside for at least a day.


6.         Playfulness

I like silly.  My favorite moments are usually doing something childish.  Joel and I had a blast having a water balloon fight in the backyard.  We love to play games like Trouble and Uno, and boy are we competitive when it comes to EVERYTHING!   My heart melts at moments like that, even if I have to give Joel a swift shin kick for kicking my ass in a game.  Anyone wanting to step up and take a crack at playing the win Stacey’s heart game would have to be willing to let their playful side shine.


7.         Vulnerability

Of course, anyone would admit that honesty is important in any relationship or attempted relationship, but I think that being vulnerable and being able to admit weakness is also.  A person that admits their weaknesses and owns up to their mistakes demonstrates strength to me.  My heart can’t resist.


8.         Expressive  

The silent, stoic man has never appealed to me.  I am seduced by words.  You do not need to be a poet, but being able to turn a phrase or show your wit in a text or email will make my heart flutter.  Word play turns me on.


Warning:  List is not all inclusive, prizes are not guaranteed.  No refunds or returns accepted.



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