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Ten Day Challenge: Day Five

Posted in Uncategorized by Daila Holder on August 3, 2012

Six Things You Wish You’d Never Done

It’s a Friday afternoon, an hour before I leave work for the weekend.  Joel and I have plans to watch Hitchcock movies and eat sushi tonight.  At this point in my day, there aren’t a lot of regrets that come to mind, instead you get five things I wish I’d never done, and one important thing I wish I had.


1.  I wish I had not gotten into the slow line at the theatre concession.  It seemed like a good decision at the time, but I had no idea that the cashier would be quite so slow, or that the woman in front of me would be ordering for an entire Girl Scout troop, or so it seemed after she kept adding items on a whim.  I kept looking at my phone, seeing the minutes tick away, as the start time of the movie grew near.  “There’s always at least 15 minutes of previews”, my friend cautioned as she could see my agitation increase.  Sure, I know there’s 15 minutes of previews, but I like previews, and I like being in my seat early.  So, definitely getting in that slow line at the theatre is something I wish I’d never done!


2.  I wish I had never stopped at Velvet Cream in Hernando, Mississippi.   Sure, I like mom and pop joints.  I always try to find a unique, recommended by locals, spot whenever we travel, and the name Velvet Cream made me smile.  I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich, and though it tasted okay at the time, I grew to regret it on the second leg of our journey the next morning.  By the emergency room visit that evening, I really hated that Velvet Cream place.  Fucking food poisoning, sure wish I hadn’t made that stop at the Velvet Cream.


3.  I wish I had never listened to my mom and cut my long, red hair short and had a perm 2 weeks before my 8th grade graduation.  Sure, I wanted a new look.  It was a big deal.  I was giving the State of the Class during graduation, and I wanted to look older and “hot”.  Goodbye little girl long hair and hello cool new short haircut.  Instead, my mom got involved, and it turned me into a “Little Orphan Annie” look-alike.  Thank goodness there were only two weeks of school left before summer, because if I had to endure one more hallway rendition of “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”, I’d probably have seriously considered violence.


4.  I wish I had not forgotten my umbrella the day the rain came.  My hair looked great, and my shoes were dry when the day started.  By the end of the day, I looked like a drowned rat and my shoes were ruined.  A little bit of rain never hurt anyone, but I sure wish I had my umbrella that particular day.


5.  I wish I had not worn the shoes I wore yesterday.  This is actually a two for one regret.  I mentioned on Plurk, that our dog, Rigby, completely ruined one of my favorite pairs of shoes this week.  Of course, I wish I had not left them out when I came home on Saturday night, but once I found them ruined, I knew I had to replace them, especially since the outfit I planned to wear yesterday required them.  I bought a different pair to wear yesterday, and by the time I reached home after a fairly busy day, I had three blisters and my feet ached.  I sure wish I hadn’t bought those shoes!


As you can see, I’ve sort of treated this topic a tiny bit tongue-in-cheek.  I don’t have many regrets.  I may question a lot of my past actions, but there are only one or two things, I’d actually think about going back to change, if I ever had the chance.

6.  There is one thing that weighs on my mind a lot, and it’s why I always try to call my family whenever they cross my mind.  I was very close to my cousin, Dustin.  He was younger than me, but we had formed a bond when we were young and stayed close.  When he went off to college, it was harder to keep in touch.  He was changing the world at LSU, and between work and home, our phone calls had grown few and far between.  His 20th birthday came, and I told myself I needed to call him, but I was busy at work and put it off for a few days.  Five days later, Dustin was killed, struck down as he crossed the street at college.  I regret not calling him on his birthday.  I regret not making our phone calls more frequent.  I regret words not said.  I miss him all the time.

I have very few things I wish I had never done, but none compare to the thing I wish I had.


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