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Book Review – Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Posted in Book Review by Daila Holder on February 20, 2013

“She didn’t love the romance in the story; she loved the yearning, the despair, the mermaid’s noble sacrifice. It stabbed her heart and made her feel in a way that happy endings didn’t.”

“Because if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back … then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.” – From Kill Me Softly – Sarah Cross


I’ve always enjoyed fairy tales, but I will admit that I believe the genre has become a little crowded lately.

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross made me forget about the mediocre fairy tale crossover books I’d read in the last few years. The world Ms. Cross created in Beau Rivage caught my interest immediately and after the first chapter, I was pulled in completely.

Our heroine is Mirabelle “Mira” Lively. Days before her 16th birthday, Mira leaves her loving home with her two godmothers and returns to her birthplace and the site of her parents’ deaths , Beau Rivage. A place Mira had been forbidden to visit.

Beau Rivage is not the small, pleasant village filled with one-dimensional fairy tale characters of yore, but instead a bustling town with modern conveniences.

Each person Mira meets seems to struggle with their own fairy tale related issues and each one presents a delightful twist in Mira’s story. From Blue and Felix Valentine, the casino owning brothers and Mira’s potential love interests, to the beautiful Vivian Deneuve, who has both stepmother and love issues, the cast of supporting characters in Kill Me Softly are so well-defined, that the reader can’t help but yearn to learn more about each one.

The mystery in the story is well done. The twists unexpected. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a unique take on classic fairy tales.

I hope Ms. Cross writes more about the delicious town of Beau Rivage and its myriad of intriguing characters.

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